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Which is it? Acute or Chronic?

Updated: Aug 8

Children get acute sicknesses pretty often. But it is pretty rare for an adult to get a true acute illness. It does happen here and there; there is flu, poison ivy, stomach virus, etc. But most of the time what we think of as being an acute is really a flare up of our chronic picture. That could look like chronic sinusitis, heartburn, indigestion, bloating, vertigo, throat issues, headaches, etc. We can take an acute remedy and it may seem to help that situation. But then the issue returns. We give the remedy again and it resolves, but then it returns again. When that happens the issue is not a true acute situation, but it is part of the chronic picture. So we need to give a fundamental/chronic remedy to help uproot the sensitivity or susceptibility of that situation that continues to return. So in practice, we often will be moving back and forth between a small selection of remedies to help uproot susceptibilities and also address any acutes.

So for example, I have a young man that came to me and his chief complaint was seasonal allergies. I took his full chronic case and based on my analysis I suggested he take Phosphorus for his fundamental/chronic remedy. And he has made a lot of progress on the Phosphorus. When the allergies flare up, we often address them with either Pulsatilla or Sabadilla. His symptoms at the time will suggest to me which one he needs, but these are the two that help him the most. And we only prescribe one remedy at a time. One of those two remedies will get him through the acute situation, and then we go back to the Phosphorus (with a dosing schedule) to continue to work on uprooting the tendency to get the allergies. I have been working with this young man for a few years and his allergies are much better, with shorter duration, and are no longer debilitating like they used to be. I have found uprooting allergies like this does take several years but it is worth it, and of course, the remedies help so much during the acute flares. So it is a win-win situation.

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