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Is There More to Homeopathy Than Acutes?

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Yes, acute care is fabulous for sure, and often can be miraculous, but we have much more to offer. Your homeopath should be able to evaluate your current situation and determine which prescribing technique would provide the best option for you right now. Homeopathy is wonderful in that it can meet you right where you are and begin to gently start shifting you back to a balanced state of being. Below you will find a few of the ways we can address your concerns:

  • If you are currently experiencing an acute then definitely schedule an acute consultation so we can find a remedy to help you now. And maybe that will be all you need to get back to a balanced state of health.

  • If you still are experiencing issues once the acute is resolved, then we can go deeper with a chronic consultation to help balance your body and uproot any sensitivities and/or susceptibilities to getting any health-disturbing issues.

  • And if you do not have an acute right now, but you have some nagging chronic issues, we can help you resolve some of those issues to find a state of ease as well!

  • If you have a bodily system that is in an unhappy state and needs some extra love, we can use an organ support remedy to help create balance and support.

  • If something specific disrupts your body’s state of balance, we can give that in a homeopathic potency to help re-set the body. I usually will give a well-indicated remedy first, but if needed, I will use this approach.

  • If there is an inherited tendency in the family towards certain illnesses, that can be addressed as well. Again, I usually will give a well-indicated remedy first and then follow up with this approach if needed.

  • We can use cell salts to assist your body.

  • We also can use Bach Flower Remedies to support your emotional state.

And these are only a few of the ways homeopathy can be used to help lovingly nudge your body back to a balanced state of health. Get in touch if you would like to talk about how homeopathy can help you and your family return to a state of ease!

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