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Potency and Dose….What Does It All Mean?

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Homeopathy has its own terminology that you will become familiar with over time. Today let’s talk about potency, succussion, and dose. Then we will also explore potential remedy responses.

Potency is the strength of the remedy. In homeopathy we have 3 potency scales that we work with: X (1:10), C (1:100), and LM (1:50,000). Essentially, potency is a function of how many times the substance has been diluted and succussed. The more the dilutions and succussions, the stronger the remedy. By stronger, I mean deeper and longer-acting.

Succussion is the process of shaking the substance by hitting the bottom of the bottle on a firm surface.

Dose is the actual taking of the remedy. A lot of cases are ruined by not knowing when to stop giving the remedy. To begin, we give the first dose and wait. If the first dose seems to help, then watch for a return of symptoms and a falling of the overall energy of the person, and then give a second dose. Sometimes one dose will resolve the entire case so that the general energy improves and the symptoms disappear. This is wonderful and no more doses are needed. Remedies are only to be given as needed. A dose is 1 or 2 dry pellets or 2-3 drops of a water remedy.

The bottom line: For home prescribing I recommend a 30C and/or 200C in some cases. I suggest giving 1 dose of the remedy and then wait to see how the body responds. Rarely, the symptoms may intensify for a short while before the symptoms begin to resolve. This is actually a good sign.

There are four main remedy responses:

  1. The person in general improves and the symptoms get better and never return. This is wonderful!

  2. The symptoms get better, and then return minutes, hours, or days later. Give another dose if/when the symptoms return.

  3. If new symptoms develop, get in touch so we can determine if a new remedy is needed.

  4. If there is no change at all, get in touch so we can determine if a new remedy is needed.

As you can see there is an art and a science to homeopathic prescribing. I support and encourage people to learn how to home prescribe to best care for their loved ones through first aid and acute situations. Let me know if you have any questions!

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