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Do You Carry Remedies With You?

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Homeopathic remedies are so versatile and easy to use. At any given time I have at least one remedy in my purse, and sometimes I have about five!!! I always have Arnica with me. And actually, I randomly have given out so many tubes of Arnica over the years that I purchase them in multi-packs now.

Arnica is so wonderful for the bumps and bruises of life. When my son accidentally bangs his head on the side of the doorframe he knows I am going to suggest he take a pellet of Arnica. When my daughter has achy muscles from her ballet class, she knows to just go ahead and get the Arnica. When my husband over does it working in the yard, he takes a dose of Arnica before he gets in the shower.

We use Arnica anytime we have a bump to the body somewhere. It is also good for bruising because it helps the blood re-distribute. And it is so good when our muscles, or soft tissues, are achy.

What remedy is in your purse/bag? Do share!!! :)

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